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How to Start Planning Your Wedding?

Congratulations! If you’re here, it means you’ve met the love of your life and you’re both promised to share your future together. When it comes to planning a wedding, there’s a lot to consider. Whether you’re looking at having a destination wedding on a beach in the Bahamas, or a wedding reception in a luxury hotel in Birmingham, there are aspects of getting married that you absolutely have to know, and other aspects that can help you along the way. We’ve put together 10 indispensable tips to help you plan for the perfect wedding.

1. Give yourself enough time

When it comes to planning a wedding, the most important part of the process is giving you and your future husband/wife enough time to plan and make arrangements. In some cases, you may have to plan a few years in advance – especially if there’s a specific venue you want your ceremony or reception that’s always booked. Create a list with what you want to get done, and the time frame for each part. Allow for more time and you’ll soon start to enjoy each aspect of planning a wedding with your partner.

2. Budget accordingly

According to The Independent, couples spend an average of £33,884 on a wedding – in Birmingham and the West Midlands, couples spend an average of £25,915. A wedding doesn’t have to break the bank, and it is important to save and budget for the things you want. You and your future spouse should factor the Honeymoon into your budget, as well as whether you will be paying for the bridesmaid’s dresses. You should leave a 10% margin on your budget for any unforeseen expenses alongside this.

3. Save the date

Unless you have a specific venue that you want to get married in regardless of guest size, we recommend sending out a ‘Save the Date’ for the people you want to invite to your wedding. This way, you can see how many people will be available, giving you a rough estimate for your guests. This then makes it easier when it comes to choosing a venue, as you’ll have an idea of the capacity it needs to cater for.

4. Attend wedding fayres & look around for ideas

We’re in the era of Pinterest and wedding creativity is at an all time high. Create a pinterest board with all of your wedding ideas and inspo. Alongside this, go to wedding fayres and have a look at what’s out there. From unique wedding cakes to bespoke dress boutiques and delicious food vendors, wedding fayres are a fun way for you and your future spouse to get on the wedding planning wagon. Park Regis are hosting a free wedding fayre on Sunday 29th October, so why not start there and even make a day of it by staying overnight in one of our luxury hotel rooms?

5. Don’t be afraid to ask the venue questions

Both you and your future husband/wife should have your ceremony and reception in a venue that echoes who you are as a couple. Do you want to decorate the venue for a themed wedding? Will they allow this? Is it a child friendly venue? Does the venue offer facilities for guests to stay over night? Will they allow you to outsource caterers etc? When it comes to choosing your venue, do not be afraid to ask them questions. When you choose to host your wedding at Park Regis, we will cater for up to 150 guests, and we have over 271 rooms for your loved ones to relax in. Find out more here.

6. Ensure you’ll be comfortable in your wedding dress/suit

Most brides (and grooms) spend decades dreaming about what they will wear on their wedding day. From a brilliant white princess dress with a sweetheart neckline to an off-white lace mermaid dress, the choice is entirely up to you. Alongside this, you need to be comfortable wearing your wedding dress/suit, as you’ll be wearing it for the entire day. Contrary to popular belief, being able to sit down in a comfortable dress or suit will lead to a much more memorable day.

7. Be prepared to compromise

A wedding is a union of two people, agreeing that they will support and love each other for the rest of their lives, no matter what. That in itself will see some compromises along the way, and your wedding isn’t any different. Both you and your future wife/husband will disagree on certain elements of the wedding and that is okay – as long as you both compromise. It is a day to celebrate your love, after all.

8. Delegate and ask for help

Some couples have huge weddings that require a team of wedding planners, and others have smaller weddings that a few close friends can help plan and put together. When it comes to planning your wedding, if you’re not hiring a wedding planner to do it all for you then make sure to delegate some jobs to family and friends who want to help. If your love ones are giving a helping hand then don’t forget to thank them!

9. Prepare for the unexpected

If you’re planning for an outdoor wedding in Summer, then be prepared for Britain’s unpredictable weather. Listen to Mother Nature and ask the venue you’re planning to go with about their backup plans should there be a weather crisis!

10. Enjoy the process

Planning a wedding with the love of your life is a precious time, and the process should be enjoyed. It doesn’t have to become the most stressful experience in the world if you and your partner take it one step at a time. Remember to spend time with each other as a couple – relaxing spa breaks and quiet nights in will remind you of the end goal – to be with the one you love.

If you’d like to discuss your wedding plans then do not hesitate to get in touch with Park Regis Hotel Birmingham today!

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