5 Tios to plan the perfect prom

5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Prom

With prom season just a few months away, the time has come to plan the best party your pupils have ever seen. Daunting as this task may be, we’ve put together our five top tips to ensure that the night’s selfies are tagged with #BestPromEver.

1. Set a Budget

It always comes down to the numbers. Whilst your ideas may look good on paper, the reality is that knowing how much parents would be willing to spend on a prom is key to a successful party. After all, pupils have to shell out a fair amount of money on that perfect outfit.

2. Pick the Perfect Venue

Once you’re clear on a figure, look for a venue that offers comprehensive packages. School halls are just not hip enough and you want the leavers to have the most Instagrammable photos out there. Opt for a space that resonates with your pupils, is modern and offers something extraordinary.

3. Choose a Theme

Now that money and venue are taken care of, it’s time to talk about the the fun aspects of organising a prom. A theme could be anything from Caribbean Party to Dance in the 20’s. Let your imagination run wild, but remember to ask for your pupils’ input.

4. Arrange for Entertainment

Although a leavers prom is exciting in itself, hiring a DJ or band is a must. Do your homework and learn about current trends to understand what your pupils will want to sing and dance to all night long.

5. Details Make the Difference

Lastly, make sure you go all out. Proms are nights to be remembered and add-ons, such as a red carpet, good-quality photography, fun booths, decoration, etc., will make the event unique.

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