5 Trends to Include in Your Summer Wedding

5 Trends to Include in Your Summer Wedding

We love summer weddings. Although every season brings something special to the table, there is always something cheery and uplifting about a long and sunny day. There’s no better year to host a summer wedding than 2023! This year’s styling trends are bringing back greenery, rustic-chic bouquets and hand-painted cakes.

Whether you’re planning an elegant, indoor reception or an outdoor, vintage affair, you’ll find that adding these five trends will bring your theme together quite neatly.

1. Effortlessly Gorgeous Bride

Every bride wants to look her best on the big day and 2023 is the year of “less is more.” When it comes to choosing hair and makeup, go for a natural style. Forget about heavy eye makeup and, instead, accentuate with long lashes and a splash of neutral eyeshadow. Balance out your face with a natural glow and a statement lip colour. As for hair, leave the gel and hairspray at home and rock a messy up-do or bouncy and soft waves.

2. Hanging Flower Arrangements and Lush Greenery

Gone are the days of centerpieces blocking the face of the person in front of you. Instead, opt for a minimalist and sleek table whilst putting all the focus above. We’ve seen stylists take inspiration from nature, so don’t be afraid to mix flowers with greenery. If you’re choosing a vintage and rustic feel—very “in” this season—why not include twines, burlaps and ribbons?

3. Extraordinary Signature Food

Whilst a minimalist table design will draw focus to hanging arrangements, exemplary and authentic cuisine will bring your guests’ attention back to their plates. Since a wedding does revolve around food and drinks, don’t skimp and look for caterers willing to bring something new to the table—quite literally! What better way to ensure your guests walk away with lasting memories than by serving creative delicacies?

4. Bespoke Hand-Painted Cakes

Following the trend of one-of-a-kind food, this year’s most popular trend is hand-painted cakes. The main advantage of these type of cakes is that each and every one has the potential to be authentic. A good and innovative baker will know how to incorporate your wedding’s theme and style into a creation reminiscent of a fine-art museum.

5. The Reception as an Experience

By now you know that in 2023 the wedding is as much about the bride and groom as it is about creating a unique experience for the guests. Choose a venue that allows for weekend-long celebrations, entertainment and activities. And Park Regis Birmingham just happens to have the perfect combination: panoramic views of Birmingham City Centre and exclusive and stylish executive rooms.

A bespoke and stylish wedding in Birmingham is just a phone call away. Contact our events team to discuss your vision.

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