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Park Regis Birmingham Goes Green With The Launch of a New Sustainability Initiative

A new year calls for new plans. To kickstart the beginning of 2020 and a brand new decade, Park Regis Birmingham has launched a new sustainability initiative.

Park Regis is going green and is on a mission to create a better environment for everyone.

Committed to a sustainable future by adopting a number of green practices, Park Regis is striving towards a cleaner, greener environment. Taking on the responsibility to build the hotel’s knowledge on sustainability, Park Regis is promoting green consciousness throughout the business and championing sustainable environmental practises to do their bit for Mother Earth.

Currently, Park Regis has a fully trained team in all things health and safety, fire and food hygiene. The hotel is renowned for investing in their team and looks to fill 80% of positions internally. Aiming to have all managers complete a ‘mental health life training’ course and with a HR team that are fully trained in sustainability and employee welfare, the targets of Park Regis doesn’t stop there.

As well as the investment in people, Park Regis has recently invested in equipment to monitor usage across all areas of the hotel, committing to reduce their overall energy by 15% each year. Their carbon footprint target is to make a reduction of 5% for all non-operational work and 10% for operational. 

Park Regis goes green

Managing Director of Park Regis John Angus is keen to create a more sustainable environment for all. He said, “Our Carbon Footprint has given us a tangible measurement of our success and our reduction targets are live in the business. Energy usage is also a key target for us, with daily reviews of usage making a real difference.”

Working only with ethical suppliers, Park Regis is also a leading wedding venue and source their produce locally – buying from national suppliers with robust sustainability policies in place including recyclable packaging.

With a target to reduce its plastic usage by 20% within 12 months, Park Regis will implement a number of changes in order to reach their target. This includes using paper straws and changing toiletry dispensers to reduce plastic waste by 25% in all bedrooms.

The Birmingham-based hotel is trying to reduce their emissions from cleaning as well as moving to a completely recyclable room service offering. 

Aiming to recycle 40% of their overall waste, Park Regis is removing plastic bottles entirely from their bars and is putting a full recycling centre in place with waste to be collected weekly. 

John is passionate about making the business cleaner and greener, despite any added costs. He said; “Sustainability is not just a commitment that we have to make, it is a commitment that we all want to make. With over 100,000 guests per year and an average of 170 to 200 employees at any one time, our impact on the environment is significant.

“One of the greatest benefits of our project has been the creation of a Green Committee. The energy they have brought to the project has driven some amazing results already. After analysing our current practices it became very apparent that some fairly simple changes could make quite an impact. For example, having purchased over 50,000 plastic bottles of water each year, we have decided to change to glass bottles, despite an increase in cost to the hotel.

“All of the team at Park Regis are committed to the protection of our environment. If we can make an impact of any description, we will grab it with both hands.”

Well done, team!

Who else is going green for 2020?

Click here to view our full Sustainability Document listing all our Green Initiatives.

Park Regis Green initiatives

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