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Park Regis Birmingham Reveals Brand New Indian Restaurant INDUS

Park Regis Birmingham we would like to introduce you to our brand new flagship restaurant called Indus.

Indus is serving only authentic Indian cuisine.  We would like you to be taken on a culinary journey via the flavours, aromas and spices of Northern India.

Indus offers a menu of traditional dishes that explores Pan Asian flavours linked with this majestic subcontinent.  The menu offers a range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Indus officially opened its doors 6th May 2022.

Indian Cuisine

Dating back 5000 years ago, Indian cuisine was curated to be eaten socially.  This means a lot of meals are comprised of several dishes.  To sit down with the family to share a meal is considered one of the most important periods of the day.

Indian dishes are traditionally layered with textures, flavours and are highly aromatic due to the combination of spices used.

Indus Dishes

A bit about Indus at Park Regis Birmingham

Indus restaurant celebrates the traditions, life and culture of India. Indus offers a bounty of beautiful flavours, aromas and spices through our specially crafted menu of wonderful dishes.

Inspired by the love of India, Head Chef Manish has infused his years of traditions, knowledge and expertise. Manish has experience working in five star hotels across India. Manish has brought his knowledge into brand new vibrant dishes.

Designed to take you on a culinary journey across northern India, Indus explores the flavours, spices and textures that will echo years of traditions.

Head Chef Manish

Manish – The Inspiration Behind Indus

The inspiration behind Indus, Manish. He brings his family recipes and traditions to serve you authentic Indian cuisine. He tested the waters of working in restaurants where he helped create tasting menus. Manish’s passion lies in the hustle and bustle that a hotel brings and that is what brought him to Park Regis Birmingham.

Fast-forward to today and Manish is now proudly the head chef of the Indus kitchens. Manish describes our Indus menu as a choosing menu. This means it includes dishes to suit all food palates.

Chef’s Signature Dishes

Unique to Indus, our Chef’s signature recipes which will rouse the more sophisticated palate, will include:

Indus Haddi Wala Ghost (mutton on the bone slowly cooked in a rich almond, onion and aromatic spices).

Delicately flavoured Goan Machhi (spicy goan fish curry simmered in coconut milk and toddy vinegar).

View Indus menu to see all the dishes.

Book your table at Indus

As one of the only hotels in Birmingham to have tandoor ovens, book your table today to enjoy authentic Indian cuisine.

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