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10 Free Things to Do With Kids in Birmingham

Every parent will be familiar with the struggle when it comes to finding something fun and exciting for you and your kids to enjoy. From start to finish, family days out can be more trouble than they’re worth, especially if the weather also decides to change last minute. With so many things to do in Birmingham, we have picked our top free activities to enjoy over the weekend or during mid-terms or holidays with your children!

1. Lapworth Museum of Geology

If you and your kids are big history fans and love taking in the wonders of displays and exhibitions, the Lapworth Museum of Geology will be ideal. Showcasing the fascinating facts and artifacts from the past 3.5 million years, the museum is home to a number of outstanding collections. You can find pretty much everything here to keep your children entertained, from dino skulls to volcanoes, all for free. The University of Birmingham’s campus also makes for a beautiful setting if you fancy a relaxing stroll or picnic for all afterwards.

2. Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

Open since 1885, this grand building is situated in the heart of the city and is full to the brim with a range of exhibitions. With over 40 galleries to explore, including the famous Staffordshire Hoard, this is the perfect free day out to please every member of your family. There are also a number of great cafes and restaurants on the doorstep for a treat after you’ve exhausted the many wonders BMAG has to offer.

3. Martineau Gardens

For those days out where you’re craving a bit of peace and quiet, Birmingham’s Martineau Gardens can provide all of that and more. Located only two miles from the city centre, the gardens offer a secluded slice of heaven with an unparalleled atmosphere created by their stunning natural beauty. With two and a half acres of skilfully managed landscape and free entry, there’s plenty for you and your family to explore this summer season.

4. Ikon Gallery

Thanks to the Ikon’s central location and ease of access through public transport, this treasure makes for a great part of any family day out. Artists from every corner of the globe have their work featured in the gallery, with a variety of media, film and sound thrown in for an immersive experience. Throughout each month, there are a wide range of talks, shows and demonstrations occurring in the gallery, allowing your children to learn and ‘do’ at the same time.

5. Dudley Museum

Slightly out of Birmingham’s city centre, Dudley Museum is full of ancient finds, mysteries, local pride and educational programmes. This newly redesigned museum has featured some of the UK’s favourite and most rare pieces, making it a popular attraction for all who visit. No matter your age, you’re guaranteed to find something to wow everyone here.

6. Birmingham Donkey Sanctuary

This is an excellent choice for families of animal lovers. The Donkey Sanctuary has been going strong for over 40 years now, ever since its founding by Dr Elisabeth Svendsen, MBE. Recognised as an international charity, the sanctuary transforms the life of donkeys and mules, allowing them to be visited by the public. What’s more, they offer donkey-assisted therapy for children with additional needs.

7. Birmingham Tolkien Trail

If you’re a huge Tolkien fan and are trying to steer your children in the same direction, Birmingham’s Tolkien Trail is perfect. Make your way through the sights and scenes in the Birmingham region to put yourself in Tolkien’s shoes and see the world through his eyes. The best part about this day out is that you can take the trail at your own pace, taking photos and making notes along the way.

8. The Jewellery Quarter

Only a short distance from the city centre, this historic part of Birmingham is home to a number of great places to eat and learn about the UK’s second city. From pizza places to urban coffee shops, there is plenty of choice when it comes to finishing the day with a tasty treat for everyone. Or better yet, browse through our blog to find recommendations for restaurants and bars in Birmingham.

9. The Library of Birmingham

Since its grand opening in 2013, the Library of Birmingham has become a strong favourite with visitors to the city, as well as locals. Here, you can find internationally imported collections of rare books, photography and various other archives, all of which are free to view by the general public. When the sun is shining, the library’s outdoor amphitheatre is host to mesmerising performances and, when it’s not, the Shakespeare Memorial Room is full of rare wonders.

10. Town Hall & Symphony Hall

The best thing about the Town Hall & Symphony Hall is that there is always something going on, which will leave you and your family wanting to come back time and time again. Although you require a purchased ticket for some events, it will be worth it. Shows here range from world-class classical ensembles to foot-tapping pop artists who are sure to entertain and give you a family day out to remember.

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