Park Regis Birmingham is committed to creating a more sustainable future. Throughout 2023, we’ll be sharing more on our actions as we lay the foundations to meet our sustainability and energy conservation goals. We have done some careful consideration of which brand best echoes our aspirations of reducing our carbon footprint whilst elevating the guest experience. So, we are extremely happy to be partnering with Rituals!

The well-known beauty brand boasts a range of high-quality products which combine high-end luxury with bio-degradable formulas, refillable products and recyclable packaging.


Did you know that the hospitality and tourism industry contribute to 1% of global carbon emissions? According to The Global Decarbonisation Report conducted by the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, hotels need to reduce their carbon emissions by 66% by 2030 and by 90% by 2050. Due to these statistics, we strive to follow in the footsteps of Rituals who aim to reduce their carbon emissions by 50% per product by 2030 and to be net-zero by 2050.


From January 2023, The Ritual of Jing collection has been welcomed to every guest room at Park Regis Birmingham. These eco-friendly products will all be refillable, meaning we will save a whopping 188,652 plastic bottles per year.


The Ritual of Jing collection is inspired by the ancient Chinese concept of Jing. This collection exclusive to Rituals, is said to symbolise calmness, stillness, and tranquillity. We wanted to enhance the luxurious guest experience at Park Regis Birmingham, to go hand-in-hand with utilising eco-friendly products and this is exactly what Rituals stands for.

Lather up with Rituals’ luxurious treats of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, hand wash and hand lotion, curating your own personal sanctuary during your stay with us, here at Park Regis Birmingham.


Alongside our partnership with Rituals, we are in the process of implementing procedures to tackle our impact on climate change. We are currently curating an incentive to encourage guests to aid us on our journey to sustainability: they will be given the choice to opt out of having their laundry done every day during their stay with us. Also, we no longer use any single-use plastic in our conference suites, and any plastic bottles in our rooms are fully recyclable. We are replacing traditional plastic pens with eco-friendly bamboo pens. Furthermore, we are working with Greengage who will evaluate our carbon footprint. In terms of food wastage, we are currently in the process of partnering with companies who will sell our unused food from that day for a discounted price to the public.

If you’d like to be a part of an enhanced luxury experience at Park Regis Birmingham, book direct now to receive a complimentary breakfast, 50% off parking and experience The Ritual of Jing in your 4-star bedroom.

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