Park Regis Birmingham spring/summer wedding ideas

Ideas for your Spring/Summer Wedding

It’s a brand new year and a brand new opportunity to make a wedding stand out from the rest. Whilst we know that every couple is different, we also know that a little inspiration during the wedding planning is always welcome. If you’re in need of some ideas, take a look at some of the 2019 wedding trends.

Deep Colours

The last few seasons have favoured earthy tones and traditional pastels. Well, 2019 is turning the table by bringing back rich and deep colours. Purple, and its many variations, is particularly big, but so are blues, reds and corals.

Raw Nature

Introducing nature into a wedding isn’t new, however, raw and wild nature is replacing perfectly manicured floral arrangements. Leave orchids behind and opt for wild flowers, greenery, grasses and even trees to add a natural, yet classy look to your decor.

Spring/summer wedding ideas in Birmingham

Minimalist Bride

Now, more than ever, is the best time to highlight your natural beauty. Barely-there makeup and simple, clean dresses are at the center of this year’s trends, especially after our latest royal wedding — we still can’t get over Meghan Markle’s stylish and natural gown! Simple doesn’t mean boring, though. This year’s bridal gowns have small accents like big bows, capes, flowers or textures.

DIY Food Stations

Offering your guests a memorable experience continues to be huge. And why not? After all, celebrating without your loved ones isn’t the same. Show them how much you care by including a DIY food station. It could be anything from chocolate fondue to desserts.

Wedding ideas in Birmingham

Elegant and Intricate Wedding Cakes

Trends do tend to do a full 180 every other season. Gone are the days of simple, naked cakes. This 2019, spend some time looking for a talented cake artist, not just a baker. Why? Because elegant, detailed and stunning cakes are a must! Cakes will contrast with the simplicity of your gown to ensure your entire theme is well-balanced.

If all you have left to choose is the wedding venue, you’re in the right place. Park Regis Birmingham has a stunning and unique venue that can adapt to any wedding. Our new Level 16 offers breathtaking views of Birmingham skyline, unlike any in the entire city. Take a look at our gallery and contact us to discuss your ideas for the most important day of your life.

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