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How To Plan The Perfect Event

Do you have a special occasion coming up soon, but you do not know where to start with planning an event? Fear no more! We understand that this might be an overwhelming and stressful task, that is why we have created a complete guide that will help you plan the perfect event and delight your guests, without breaking a sweat!

Getting started…

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Be prepared, start planning your event at least 3 months earlier. Whether you are organising a birthday party, baby shower or wedding celebration, this will give you more time to nail down all details and decide on the theme, menu, and most importantly, the budget. Moreover, the best venue for your event may be booked far in advance.

Start by thinking how much you are willing to spend on the special occasion and set your budget. Once you have worked that out, create a spreadsheet and keep an eye on the expenses every step of the way! 

When it comes to choosing the date, do not limit yourself to only one – be flexible. It is better to have a few backup dates in case your preferred venue has no availability on your preferred date.

Decide on Your Guest List

Pop your party people on the list! Remember that it can be difficult to match your guest list to the available funds for your event. Make sure to give it some thought and send invites early in advance, so guests from out of town have enough time to make necessary travel arrangements.  

Pick a Perfect Venue

Perfect Venue Hall with Lights

Picking a venue is one of the most important steps, as this might determine the success of your party. Try to contact a few venues in advance and let them know what you have in mind. It is a good practice to book a site visit so you can have a look at the event space and decide if it can meet your requirements. This is also where we come in. Whatever you’re dreaming of, we have plenty of choice to help plan the perfect event. If you decide that our venue is not suitable for your event, there are plenty of other hire spaces that may be a better choice for you are looking for, for example The Library of Birmingham.

Catering and drinks

When choosing the menu, we suggest to take into consideration what type of event you are throwing and what are your guests’ needs. Do you have any vegetarian or vegan guests? Any allergies or special dietary requirements? Make sure to mention any important details to your venue event manager to avoid any disappointments or accidents. Also, did you know that we offer an extensive choice of catering options? Choose between the Caribbean buffet, hot finger buffet, Indian banquet or classic dinner.


Red Carpet and Mirror with Lights

An important part of planning the perfect event! Hiring a DJ, professional entertainer, or a photo booth is a popular way to add some fun stuff to your event. Starting early and researching online reviews will help you find a professional and trustworthy candidate. Also, don’t forget to inform the event manager at your venue in advance of your plans.  


You already have a lot of pressure on your shoulders, so why worry about the photos as well? We definitely recommend to hire a professional photographer, as this will allow to you focus your attention on the party and mingle with your guests. Event photographers are masters of taking stunning pictures from sidelines, often getting natural shots that normally would be missed. Your guests will have a chance to engage in the party without feeling uncomfortable and constantly watched.

Check on RSVPs

It is the best practice to start this process two weeks in advance. Start calling and emailing guests that have not responded to your invitations yet. Don’t be afraid to do a little nagging, and if you still haven’t received the response, try to call them few more times. It is better to make sure you will not have any unexpected guests showing up at the doorstep last minute!

Planning the perfect event can take a lot of time, preparation, and a roller coaster of emotions. Our guide should put your nerves at ease and let you prepare your event well in advance. Better yet, we can do it for you! Have you ever visited our Sky Loft located on the 16th floor? Admire breath-taking views, enjoy exclusive bar and banquet with your friends and family surrounded by panoramic city views of Birmingham.

If you are planning an event in Birmingham, give us a call right away and let us handle the rest!  

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